William Barnes: 
Preacher Bill is a Bible believeing Christian. He lives with his family in Maine, Having been saved in Connecticut in the early 80's he was a street person hounded by the Lord to come and be saved. Once He recieved the Lord he didn't exactly live the most Godly life, he continued as so many Christians do. Till his older years. Having been through many trials and many run ins with the law he realized being a back slider and as some would call never really saved. Finally gave his life over to the Lord in the best he could. Started attending church on a weekly basis and started reading his bible more freguently. Today he has become a King James Version Bible only Preacher of the word of Christ. Though he uses KJV only he will not discourage others from using the scripture of their choosing. It maybe that using another bible is not to his likeing or it is not fully correct, however God can use any means he so wishes to bring his children to Christ. In these terrible days Preacher Bill is busy spreading and shareing the word of God as much as possible. He is a American loving minded man that believes in the Constitution of the United States and believes even stronger in Inalienable Rights give every man. These rights belong to every man,women and child. Given by God to all people. He is a big supporter of Government as long as the government is by the people for the people. He supports the Militia movement as long as they are following the principals founded in the Constitution and Federalist Papers. 

Preacher Bill lives with his loving wife and best friend of 15 yrs, he has three loving children and three beautiful grand children. he, along with his trusted Mastiff mix dogs (brother and sister) Brutis and Rosey, along with 3 loving cats, Eziekiel,Princess and Penelope share a loving home in Southern Maine.
Kari Light~ 
aka ~ Traveling Chaplain is a mother, wife, minister, enlightener, blogger, investagative and patriotic woman who's passion to discuss the things in our life & country that need to be talked about & worked on; motivated her to create and bring life to the the inspiration to survive & thrive in the crazy world we live in.

She understands the divide often found in life & in our country that for many has led to a path they do not wish to be on. Or maybe its the opposite and they have learned life lessons that have brought success & happiness. Either way, the need for conversations about our life issues to take place and then be shared is greater than ever before.

Over the years, in addition to her proffessional career as a Realtor & Mortgage Broker, she has been blessed to have been involvoed in many community organizations and projects from health care to political issues and everything in between. Always finding that results, both negative & positive, directly correlate with our attitude, believing & learning there is always a solution to any problem. 

You can enjoy her online radio shows live; in the chat room as well as calling in to Truth Finders Network. 
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